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Hanne Kolstø [interview]

Indie Kids, Not Listening to Music & Sniffles

Posted Wednesday 9th July 2014Interviews

Alex Zinovieff

After a few rings Hanne answers with full Skype-visuals. I have a policy of never having the camera turned on while talking on Skype because I think it’s distracting being able to see your own face. With this in mind, I explain that my camera is broken and that we’ll have to chat the (semi) old fashioned way - with just voices. I think she is ok with it. With my mind free from face-based distractions I go on.

How are you doing?

I’m ok, but I just had a cold. Sniffling a bit. I think you English call it sniffling, right?

Alex - Yea we do! It’s an onomatopoeia.

Hanne - Nice!

For someone completely new to you and your music - how would you sell yourself? Why should they press play?

I don’t sell myself! I am not about

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