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Robert Power Premieres 'intro' Video

Be the first to watch the brilliant 'Intro'

Posted Wednesday 22nd October 2014Record Reviews

Alex Zinovieff

Robert Power is an Irish artist, writer, actor and songwriter. He has spent the last period of his life channelling all of his creative energy into writing and recording his debut album ‘1’. The product is brilliant, and has been received extremely well by both fans and industry. Robert has been featured in Record of the Day, he is about to support legendary Irish punk-poet Jinx Lennon at Imagine Arts Festival in Ireland and he also has his debut London show playing for The Boatshed on November 6th (Link below).

‘1’ features the prominent songs ‘Intro’ and ‘Outro’. They serve to contextualise the album, but stand alone as our favourite songs on the record. ‘1’ is a strong representation of Power’s lyrical depth and his ability to create warm and atmospheric sonic landscapes.

The Boatshed is extremely pleased to be the first to be able to show you the video R

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