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Speaking to Scott Hutchison AKA Owl John

Censoring his lyrics, Taking Acid and voting YES

Posted Thursday 28th August 2014Interviews

George Townsend

‘Hopefully the profits [from Owl John] will be around the thirty-five pound mark, and I’ll be able to do it...‘Scott Owl John Hutchinson’’. Discussing the cost of changing his name to fit the new solo-project, Scott Hutchinson is comically self-deprecating. But cash aside, as he takes to the stage after our interview it’s clear that the man has at least earned himself an impassioned following over the years.

The show quickly becomes a sing-along with a twist. Down-to-earth as ever, Hutchinson cuts a deal with his audience: ‘I pick a song, then you pick a song - alright?’ So in between new material, the crowd bombards him with requests for old Frightened Rabbit classics - and he’s more than capable of obliging. If you’re ever feeling jaded with the hackneyed old formula of one-man-and-his-guitar, Scott’s the one to go and watch. A dynamic singer and effort

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